Mujer Brava®: Riding together for a great cause.

For the past 8 years Mujer Brava® has been the largest women-only peloton cycling event in the Caribbean. This October, it will add more offers to the fun and challenging experience. The first day, Saturday, October 10, Mujer Brava: Swim will take place in the open waters of the Condado Lagoon. On the second day, Sunday, October 11, the traditional Mujer Brava: Bike will roll through the roads of Puerto Rico. Stay tuned for the third day, to be announced this week.

Women, get ready to put to the test your mental determination and physical condition to truly manifest the character of a Mujer Brava®!

The event benefits the American Cancer Society of Puerto Rico and their campaign: 
"Walk for a World without Breast Cancer | Making Strides". Proceeds from this event will go towards the adoption of a room at the Hope Lodge built by the American Cancer Society of Puerto Rico.

We encourage you to sign up and have the experience of a lifetime:

The dates for Mujer Brava 2015 have been set for the weekend of October 9-12, 2015. Registrations to open June 1st.

Mujer Brava 2013 Maps


We have a route for every rider (25, 45, 60 and 80 miles). From the novice to the seasoned top-notch rider! 

The Jersey

Wherever and whenever you wear it, you will be sending a clear message about the importance of prevention and early detection of breast cancer. 

The 2015 jersey design will be unveiled soon. Stay tuned. (2014 edition shown).

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Welcome Mujer Brava Swimmers!

Welcome Mujer Brava swimmers! Join us for the first open water women-only swimming event in the Caribbean! On Saturday, October 10, you will be able to swim in one of three categories: 1500 meters, 3000 meters or 1500 meters with fins. If you are a cyclist and swim, prepare to be Brava, Brava. More info: 

Opening Mujer Brava 2015

We are very excited to open registration for the ninth edition of Mujer Brava this month. The enthusiasm that we have noticed in the streets since last years' event is astonishing attracting an ever-increasing number of women from abroad. Each day more women feel empowered to get involved in cycling (and sports in general). As we get ready to open the 2015 edition, we are confident that we will exceed last years' record participation of 542 ladies. Are you ready for the challenge?

Save the dates!

This year Mujer Brava will take place on the weekend of October 9-12, 2015. We strongly recommend you to save these days as we are gearing up to make an announcement that will entice those who have set aside these dates. Stay tuned to this web site or visit our Facebook page which is loaded with the latest information and reaction of our fans.


  • 2014 MB testimonial 2

    The event was excellent. This is my second year and I loved it! The oasis were excellent, with a lot of variety and a lot of food, the lunch was spectacular with a menu that catered to every need. Congratulations!
    2014 Mujer Brava participant

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