Mujer Brava®: For a great cause.

REGISTRATION OPEN! For the past years Mujer Brava® has been the largest women-only peloton cycling event in the Caribbean. The weekend of October 8-10, 2016 Mujer Brava® will come again with its 3-day, 3-sport event just for women where they will prove just how 'bravas' they are. 
  • On Saturday, October 8, Day 1 - Mujer Brava: Swim women will swim in the open waters of the Condado Lagoon in one of 3 categories: 1500m, 3000m, or 1500m w/fins.
  • On Sunday, October 9, Day 2 - Mujer Brava: Bike will continue as the past 8 years rolling through the roads of Puerto Rico in 4 different groups/distances: 25 miles, 45 miles, 60 miles, and 80 miles. 
  • On Monday, October 10, Day 3 - Mujer Brava: Run women will have the chance to run through the streets of San Juan in one of 2 courses/distances: 5K or 10K. 
So women, get ready to put your mental determination and physical condition to the test and truly manifest the character of a Mujer Brava®!

The event benefits the American Cancer Society of Puerto Rico and their campaign: "Walk for a World without Breast Cancer | Making Strides". Proceeds from this event will go towards the adoption of a room at the Hope Lodge built by the American Cancer Society of Puerto Rico.

We encourage you to sign up and have the experience of a lifetime:
The dates for Mujer Brava 2016 have been set for the weekend of October 8-10, 2016.

 Mujer Brava Swim

Using the beautiful Condado Lagoon as backdrop, Mujer Brava Swim will challenge our participants to two (2) different distances in the sport of swimming, one being specifically designed for the entry level swimmer. 

This event, which debuted in 2015 will include the distances of 1500 meters with fins, 1500 meters for the intermediate swimmer and 3000 meters for those looking for a challenge.

Mujer Brava run

Mujer Brava Run - While admiring a spectacular view of the Atlantic Ocean and running alongside the Condado Lagoon, Mujer Brava Run will challenge our participants to two (2) different courses in the sport of long-distance road running. 

This event, which debuted in 2015 will include the distance of 5K for those who love speed or novices who want to initiate in endurance running and a 10K popular distance.

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Can I do one or two events in Mujer Brava?

YES! You can sign up to do your favorite one event only or you can combine it with a second and you can also choose to do all three. These are the seven (7) combinations that you can choose from:

  • Swim (any distance)
  • Bike (any distance)
  • Run (any distance)
  • Swim and Bike (any combination of distances)
  • Swim and Run (any combination of distances)
  • Bike and Run (any combination of distances)
  • Swim, Bike and Run (any combination of distances)
Do all three and become a Bravisima!®

Welcome Mujer Brava Runners!

Welcome Mujer Brava® runners! Join us for the last day of this inaugural 3-day, 3-sport event for women only on Monday, October 12. You will be able to RUN through the streets of San Juan in one of three distancies: 5 kilometers, 10 kilometers or 15 kilometers for the extra challenge. If you are a cyclist and swim and run, prepare to be Bravísima! More info:

Welcome Mujer Brava Swimmers!

Welcome Mujer Brava swimmers! Join us for the first open water women-only swimming event in the Caribbean! On Saturday, October 10, you will be able to swim in one of three categories: 1500 meters, 3000 meters or 1500 meters with fins. If you are a cyclist and swim, prepare to be Brava, Brava. More info: 

October 8-10, 2016 register


  • W. Morales

    "On behalf of my entire team Komando K-ribe, it was memorable and meaningful because one of our team members is a breast cancer survivor and for her and for so many other women we will always say present and with pride we will say: “Somos mujeres bravas”. Until next time and thank you all!" 
    Wanda E. Morales, 2012 Ponce, PR

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