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  • The first peloton, women only cycling event in the hemisphere!

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  • An experience like no other!

Mujer Brava: Riding together for a great cause.

Mujer Brava is the largest, one day, women only cycling event in the Caribbean slowly becoming the largest in the Hemisphere. It takes place once a year, in October, the International Month of Breast Cancer Awareness. It's a fun and challenging experience in which women put to the test their mental determination and physical condition. Truly manifesting the character of a Mujer Brava!

The event benefits the American Cancer Society of Puerto Rico and their campaign: "Avancemos a grandes pasos contra el cáncer de seno". Proceeds from this event will go towards the adoption of a room at the Hope Lodge built by the American Cancer Society of Puerto Rico.

We encourage you to sign up and have the experience of a lifetime: 
Date for the Mujer Brava 2015 will be announced soon.

Mujer Brava 2013 Maps


We have a route for every rider (25, 45, 60 and 80 miles). From the novice beginner to the seasoned top notch rider! 

The 2014 Jersey

Wherever and whenever you wear it, you will be sending a clear message about the importance of the prevention and early detection of breast cancer. 

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Who Is Mujer Brava?

Who are these ladies that year after year become part of the coolest cycling event in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean?

Well, they may be your sister, mother, and daughter, even your grandmother. They could be your child’s teacher, your doctor, hairstylist or lawyer. Chances are you know at least one of these intrepid, energetic and adventorous women.


  • E. Díaz

    "I would like to express my gratitude for everything! All of the Road Captains in the 25-mile group were super nice. Everything was well organized. God bless."
    Emmy Díaz, 2012 Toa Alta, PR

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